My Journey...

Ashish Kapoor- Business Coach & Consultant

Though I started my Journey with Engineering, but I never wanted to be an Engineer. I always wanted to “Connect With People,” which inspired me to do cold calling for sales. Then I decided to work at call centers for Sales & Customer Care.


To enhance my skills I started reading a lot of Books on Sales & Conversion, which made me discover my passion for “Buyer Experience” & “Influence.” Thus, I was able to produce results.


So I read over 1153 Books to master the skills for “Mastering Influence,” “Sales,” & “Buyer Care & Experience.” Moreover, another hurdle I faced when I was stuck with a Company as a Sales Manager for 4.2 years, then I decided to start my own venture called TAK Inc.


I started the company as a pure Sales Consulting almost after two decades of employment. Then I started integrating the knowledge & experience gained in all these years from the learnings in subjects like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Influence & Wealth Psychology, Human Evolution, Brain Tigger Procedures, & Positioning System.


Mastering these subjects, I was able to evolve from pure Sales Consulting to Executive Coaching, Business Growth & Ivy-League MBA Consultant with clients from across the globe.  


Moreover, I recently founded “Online Gold Souk” for small & large Jewellers to build & expand their Business Online, and also got through “Senior Executive Leadership Program” at Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts.