Step-By-Step Online Conversion

Highest Mass Conversion Digital Marketing System

TAK's Mass Conversion Marketing System has evolved purely

from the concepts of the BEST DIGITAL MARKETERS OF THE WORLD.

This Digital Marketing system involves Step-By-Step Guaranteed Highest MASS

Conversion possible for your Business. System creates the

best process of Customer Attraction, Engagement, Nurturing,

Closure, and Re-targeting/Re-marketing exclusively for blasting Business Growth through online medium.




Why should You Bother?

MASS Conversion Digital Marketing system incorporates the complete process which MULTIPLIES YOUR PROFITS, eventually resulting in blasting Business Growth. It consists of:

  • Attraction of Traffic to your Website from every Social Media Platform.

  • Engagement & Nurturing the online traffic

  • Lead/Sale Closure

  • Retargeting/Remarketing for continued Prospecting and LIMITLESS Business Growth


How Does This Program Work Towards Your Business Growth?

  • For Attracting Traffic- Involves the creation of WORLD CLASS CONTENT to OPT-IN to Your Website from all standard sources like Social Media & Email Marketing.

  • For Engagement & Nurturing- Involves Exclusive “Prospect Invitations” in order to build trust and engage the prospects.

  • Closing Sales Lead- Involves Highly Influential “Sales Letter” driving prospects to BUY FROM YOU.

  • Retargeting/Remarketing- Involves “Prospect Invitations” and “Sales Letter to the prospects which are not converted. This helps in continuation of the Whole Conversion Process and MULTIPLY YOUR CLIENT BASE.




What Do You Need For Growing Your Business Online?


Marketing Architecture that includes:

  • ULTRA High-Quality Graphics & Animation Videos

  • Excellent & Highly Influential Content

  • Cutting Edge choice of Keywords for SEO

  • Building Brand Presence on Google & Social Media (Content)

  • Eye-Catching LOGO & Company’s TAGLINE

  • Highly engaging Website with Excellent UI & UX

  • Cutting Edge Product Name, Description, and Itemization (Content)

  • Compelling Brand Essence


Why TAK’s Highest Mass Conversion Digital Marketing Program?


1. World Class Content


  • Eye-Catching Graphics

  • Highly Influential Animation Videos

  • Highly Engaging Verbal Content


We use our “Proficient Copywriting” Skills & “Traffic Conversion” Psychology for producing World Class Content, Product Photography & Photoshop for creating graphics, Inventing Product Name & Description, Product Itemization, and Brand Essence. These things are to increase your BRAND PRESENCE on Google & Social Media.


2. Prospect Invitation

Prospect Invitation is a Multi-Level, Omni Channel, Online Invitation Attracting, & Engaging prospective customer to BUY YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES.

  • Through Prospect Invitation we drive traffic from Social Media to your Website and then Engage & Nurture them, eventually it drives them to take action.


3. Sales Letter

Sales Letter is our special feature primarily used for Email Marketing so as to attract even the Bounced Traffic to OPT-IN to your website and drive them to BUY YOUR PRODUCT, eventually growing your Business.


4. Retargeting/Remarketing

For the purpose of Retargeting we create both “Sales Letter” and “Prospect Invitation” for attracting EVEN THE BOUNCED TRAFFIC to your Website and driving them TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT.

  • This helps in the continuation of the whole MASS Conversion Process and helps you MULTIPLY YOUR PROFIT by continuously attracting prospects to your Website, eventually achieving LIMITLESS BUSINESS GROWTH.


Our Mass Conversion system For the Business Growth is designed from the studies in:

  • Human Evolution

  • Positioning System

  • Neuro Linguistic

  • Influence Psychology

  • Straight Line Persuasion

  • Brain Trigger Procedures





  • We DO NOT help you to GET RICH QUICK- But create an Architecture which WILL MAKE YOU RICH through your blasting Business Growth.

  • We DO NOT sell Ads- But an Architecture FOR YOUR Business which SELLS FOR YOU.

  • We DO NOT have “The Easy Way” - But our Marketing Architecture makes it “THE GUARANTEED WAY” like you imagine it to be.


What is my RISK?

When associated with TAK, while we deploy our cutting edge Business Growth skills we take away your “RISK FACTOR”. This is because we charge “SUCCESS BASED” which means we EARN ONLY WHEN YOU EARN. This way WE BET ON YOUR SUCCESS.

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