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Proactive vs Reactive

Unless we are starting a business or a job we mostly work in a reactive mode rather than in proactive mode,

we are almost completely working inside the business or job and rarely on the business or on the job and even more rarely on ourselves in terms of upgrading our skills.

This causes us less than optimal results and considerable loss of productivity

Thus key to success is to work proactively on our self and on our business to increase our productivity and results,

Working proactively gives us the inner power to solve problem quickly, and we find better, smarter and faster ways to do almost everything.

Let's start with minimum commitment, let's commit one hour a week on the business and one hour on ourselves.

This adds up in having the discipline and determination to get the results.

Now in one hour per week, we can look to give time to one of these items per week,:

improving company, improving personal productivity, sales motivation, sales performance, market positioning, marketing strategies, and marketing and sales effectiveness.

Scheduling one hour per week on one of the following is the biggest service we can do for ourselves.

I personally work each week for four separate hour on one part for it's optimization. I usually work on my Selling, Marketing, Business Growth and Process optimization for one hour and then put all my ideas in action with total discipline.

Further more, I put one blog per day and conduct one even per day for at least 5 days a week to support the community. Come visit us at an event and we can work together on your challenges.