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What makes me adore Priyanka Chopra in 2017

Priyanka Chopra is an versatile actress who has made better mark than almost anyone both at home and in American Movies and television industry.

Well at 34 she is only gaining speed, she is not slowing down anytime soon, though i haven't watched Baywatch or followed Quantico, I have definitely seen her interviews both at home and on American Television. Here are my reasons for being a fan.

1: Getting out of Comfort Zone: No Indian mainstream actress with such a big fan following tried to venture into television, music in Hollywood, She started as yet another Indian face and made it to top in a foreign land. She never needed to do it for money, she could have married any multi millionaire and settled down, after all she is a former Miss World.

2: Adapting to a different culture: When she is on American show giving interview she passes for an American Actress and most of American can directly relate to her, she won People's choice award and yet when back to India she is draped in a conservative saree and attends Indian function, she makes me think , when in Rome, do as the Roman do.

3: Staying focused on career: Yes she may have had a supposed crush on Shahrukh, an affair with some co-stars etc however she has focused on her career, creating a brand for herself and earning accolades across.

Well, I believe if a daughter of ex Army men can reach such heights, then with consistent focus , and right strategy we can achieve big and may be bigger.