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5 things I learned from ShahRukh Khan

ShahRukh is a brilliant Marketer, a successful businessman and great orator.

Shahrukh is a brilliant Marketer, a successful businessman, and a great orator.

Here are 5 things I learned from him:

1: Ambitious: He always visioned himself as the mega star before he was one, he had the zeal, energy, discipline and focus to make it a reality, have look at his 1994 interview.

2: Drive: He has been really charged and never has a dull moment, he has made strides, figured out opportunities which other movie stars passed over. eg moving from TV to movies, do ads for almost any brand, taking distribution rights for his movies etc, he made huge money off all these strides.

3: Urgency: He has a sense of urgency to make himself hugely successful, he has the energy to act, produce movies, run a cricket and Kabadi franchise, manage a VFX studio etc

4: Belief: Self-believe, we believe what he says both in movies and off screen, coz he believes in himself and hence we believe in him, there were and are prettier looking facing in industry, however, none as self-believing, focused and strategic as him.

5: Bounce back: He bounced as a great producer when his first production "Ashoka" failed and produced a slew of successful movies, similarly he made his IPL franchise win back big and it won the IPL cup in the third season.

Yes, I said 5 things, now here is a bonus one:

6: Spell Bounding Speaker: Why he is such a great brand and megastar, coz he knows how to orate and paint pictures that transport us into a different world and entertains us to the core.

Here is the gist of what I learned from Shahrukh Khan:

How hard will I work, if I knew that I can be what I want to be, have what I want to have and do what I want to do? Believe in me with total certainty and work really hard.