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Tony Robbins: 20 years of reading his stuff and after 10 years of working out

On deep analysis, Yes!! I believe his stuff work, it works in same proportion as will working out 5 times a week will work.

Let me first summarize what I learnt from listening his flagship program Personal Power II and how to apply it and what are pitfalls to avoid.

First, Be Specific about your outcomes, right them down in total detail, and then associate strong pleasure into achieving and having them. Write down strong reasons and why you want to have achieve them, Why achieving them is a must, Why not achieving them will be shameful, etc

Second, In this state of mind you must figure out a strategy on achieving it and take massive action and give massive time to it.

Third, you must be able to manage state by having a: strong body language, b: focus on your goals, and why you want them, what pleasure feelings you will have in achieving and having them and what pain you will have in not having or achieving them, c: taking the most leveraged action, applying 80-20 rule (pareto principle- 20% of what you do gives 80% of results), d: learn to problem solve, e: stop inner butterfly effect (Don't let any negative thought take root inside your brain)

Fourth, be assertive (do the right thing in the face of inertia or hesitancy) and be courageous (do the right thing in the face of fear)

I apply these principles everyday in my life and business, Tony talks about reading his book Awaken the Giant within, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, now in life the biggest pitfall is not reading The Art of War, by Sun Tzu.