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Why, What, How & What-if of Selling!

In Selling, it is important to format your communication to meet the emotional needs of the customer.

Prospects usually are wondering whether we have their best interests in mind, or we are not after some sharp gain or offering them that will make them worse off or is not the best use of their money.

Thus even if you are really sharp, enthusiastic and expert about your product or service and can make the prospect fall in love your product or service, trust your company and prove to them that you care, you still need to communicate with them in a manner that you are not misunderstood, you need use WWHWI pattern in your sales communication.

You need to tell them why they you should buy, ie why they will feel pleasure by buying your product now, and why they will experience pain by not buying now. Secondly, you need to them what your product and service is about, what research went into producing it, what standards it abides, thus we need to tell them the what about the product. Thirdly you need to tell them how to step by step use the product or service, you need to explain as if they are total beginners to your product and service, it's important we do it in an interesting way and not in an redundant way. Lastly you need to tell what will happen if they began now, ie what will be a short term pay off in beginning now and what will are the gains and possibilities after taking the first steps.

To solve the challenge of being an effective sales person in of your products and services am soon starting an course that will be equip you to sell like an master in Indian context. Watch this space for more with TAKTraining.in