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5 major start up CEO's challenges in India.

1: Start-up CEO’s are in love with their products, as they have worked on it for months and sometimes for years, they expect that with their zealous pitch and emotional energy they will able to make the VC or the end consumer fall in love with them.

2: Start-up CEO’s as they are mostly involved in product or service curation at some level and hence the know the problems or the challenges, that they have faced in creating the product or the service, hence they are good vibes about the product which they in well intentioned way believe will automatically transfer to the customer. 3: Start-up CEO’s more often than usually, think that product is so amazing, that it will sell by itself. The reality is that from Coco- Cola to Jewellery to American Express cards have to be sold via strong and compelling pitches. 4: Marketing campaigns of most start up is full of benefits, features of their product, quite understandably as the product and service is really amazing. Well in the video link below I would like to explain the main challenge they face because of it. 5: Start-up CEO’s have reservations/ bias about selling it on some of the channels, namely offline or via tele calling or face to face when they could be making far better inroads or capture the marketing far easily with this… Certainly I want to give you all the answers to the above challenges in our line of work in TAK Inc. We have been able to 2X- 10X multiple businesses in our Sales Journey.