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Aced GMAT and still Unsuccessful? Get Your Facts Right about B-Schools today.

Ivy League B-Schools have their own sets methods to judge an appropriate candidate for final selection.

Not getting through the B-School of your choice even with High GMAT score? This is probably because of the MYTH YOU HAVE IN YOUR MIND. Let me disappoint you a bit that acing GMAT is NOT THE ONLY THING B-Schools are looking for in you.

GMAT is the level which you clear to get in the pool of eligible candidates. Moreover, it is not the only criteria IVY League Schools like Harvard or Columbia Business School use to judge you. In fact, Ivy League Schools admit you if you are in the slab of 690-740. YES and the rest is on your Application and Interview.

Let me direct you towards the right track which will MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL. These B-Schools judge your actual application after which you are invited for an Interview which is the final screening process. Now you must be thinking where to get appropriate training from? TAK Training gives you all these DIRECTIONS WITH SUCCESS BASED FORMULA to not only Ace GMAT, but coach you on how to write applications to get you the call for an interview, plus ace that interview to realize your dream.

Moreover, let me guide you for the actions we undertake to bag the success you have been dreaming of.

  • Firstly, Coaching you on acing GMAT (If you have not done it yet)

  • Secondly, broaden your list of B-Schools and then start working on their criteria in an organized way.

  • Thirdly, we train you on one of the important task i.e. WRITING APPLICATIONS which includes all the things like brushed CV, Letter of Recommendation, Letter of Motivation etc. which you need to complete before you hit that submit button.

  • Lastly, we start working on your Analytical skills and Influential skills to ace the interviews and get you through your dream B-School.

With all this in package, we would like to remind you that WE FOLLOW SUCCESS BASED PSYCHOLOGY and charge you only if you are successful at different stages. So to get on the right track with correct facts subscribe with us today and realize your dream.

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