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“Expert’s Guide To 360-Degree Profile Development For INSEAD-B-School For The World, Within As Littl


INSEAD Stands at number 2 in the World for its MBA Program according to the “Financial Times” Global MBA Ranking-2018, and One-year International MBA and second highest ROI - Forbes rankings 2017.More Reasons for you to follow which gives more importance to getting through INSEAD MBA Program:

  • Average GMAT Score Required: 630-760

  • Diversity- 94 Nationalities

  • Students Employed After 3 Months- 90%

  • Average Salary Package (USD)- $104,800

  • Companies Recruited INSEAD Graduates- 300+

  • World-Class Alumni Network

  • 2 Intakes- January & September

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What Gives INSEAD An Edge?

  • Leadership For Tomorrow- INSEAD gives a dynamic, and intensive learning environment, where students immerse themselves in real issues & solve problems using the critical mindset.

  • Global Talent- INSEAD has 3 campuses across 3 continents and over 90 Nationalities enrolled every year, with students of their own specialization & Industry background.

  • Become Business Ready- INSEAD’s MBA Program drives and inspires Students to come with the ideas that can developed into new & successful Businesses. This is why more than 50% Graduates start or run the Business of their own at some point in their career.

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  • Score GMAT

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  • Compelling Communications

  • Instant Influence

  • Social Sophistication

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