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If You Are A Columbia B-School Aspirant Then App To Admit Plan Will Help You Get Through The B-Schoo

Why Columbia?

Columbia Business School being established in 1916 is one of the oldest B-Schools of the World. The B-School is one of the top 6 Ivy-League Schools and also the part of the M7 group of elite B-Schools which recognizes each others as peers, consisting of Chicago Booth, Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Northwestern (Kellogg), and MIT (Sloan).

For 2017, National ranking of Columbia’s MBA Program is 6th by Forbes, 9th by Bloomberg Business-week, and 9th by U.S News & World Report. Global ranking of the School’s MBA Program is 9th by the Economic Times and 7th by Financial Times in 2018.

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Benefits Of Columbia MBA Program

  • Theory In Practice

Faculty Members teach the complex real-world Business situations, and how to solve them successfully. You will gain the first-hand insights into their transformative research and a behind-the-scenes perspective from their extensive industry experience. Through this knowledge in hand, you develop capability to create innovative solutions to the real-world Business problems.

  • Community

Columbia Business School contains students from around 90 countries of the world speaking over 80 languages and bring with them all kinds of Business experience.

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  • Access

Columbia's relationship with New York City cannot be underestimated when choosing an MBA program. The city fuels so much of what happens at the School, from the Executives in Residence program to Master Classes to speakers and conferences — in fact, more business leaders visit campus than any other top business school.

  • Entrepreneurship

At the very heart of Columbia’s philosophy is the entrepreneurial mindset. The courses will teach you to emphasize your individual initiative by identifying, valuing, and capturing opportunity no matter what field you’re in.

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  • Alumni Network

No business school alumni network is more accessible than Columbia's. Over 40,000 strong, Columbia’s alumni work in more than 100 countries, often at the very top of their fields. Their passion for the School is reflected in the time they give to current students through mentoring, lectures, internships, and so much more.

  • Career Management

With an MBA from Columbia, your career prospects multiply exponentially. Students begin the transformation of their professional life with a visit to the Career Management Center. The CMC helps you connect with opportunities, from internships to full-time employment, and provide guidance throughout the cycles of your career.

Admission Criteria

Columbia Admits with average GPA of 3.5, Average GMAT 724, 3 Essays, and 2 Letters of Recommendation.

Your ROI For Columbia Business School

The average base salary of Columbia MBA is USD$ 110,000, with average signing bonus of USD$ 30,000. Moreover, 90% of the Billionaires with MBA derived their fortunes, did Master’s Degree from these 3 schools Harvard, Columbia, and Wharton.

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