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6 Techniques On How To Be A Great Leader That Leads A High-Performance Team Beyond Expectations.

Why do some Leaders or Managers, or Senior Managers are able to get merely competent performance from their team?

As an Executive Coaching Company, we develop Leadership Skills that demonstrates the real difference between being a Boss, who instructs and being a Leader, who inspires the team to thrive for Success.

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"Productive Is The Real Attractive"

Our area of expertise is Coaching CXOs or Business Leaders and then helping them to develop their own coaching skills as a Leader to make their team perform beyond expectations.

Read about these Leadership Traits & Characteristics which help you Lead your Team to “BEYOND EXPECTED SUCCESS”:

  • Building Trust

Great Leaders connect with everyone in their team, that means understanding individual strengths & weaknesses. The excellent way to gain trust is to show them that you are actively listening to them means fully concentrating on what is being presented and stating that you understand their perspective or side of the story. Best way to build it is to hold one-on-one meetings and make notes during the discussion, and then give the accurate summary of what your employee has told you (rather than just by repeating your end of the discussion.

This technique without fail builds a high amount of trust, shows them that you are genuinely interested in what they are saying, and investing time in their Personal Development.

  • Emotional Intelligence

With active Listening skills, being a Leader, you need to employ Emotional Intelligence. It is often quite easy to figure out an employee’s weaknesses. Due to these weaknesses, some might miss out on networking events or essential opportunities to grow.

Moreover, the team member is often aware and conscious of their weaknesses, and it requires a high Emotional Intelligence to reach to the core of what’s holding the employee back. Our coaching includes Emotional Intelligence, because putting yourself in the employee’s shoes and understanding the real success barrier and learn strategies to overcome them are undoubtedly the most important role of a great Leader.

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FREE E-book Titled:

“Productive Is The Real Attractive”

  • Leadership Style- Motivate, Don’t De-motivate

When teams are operating under pressure, then the Leadership turns into a Directive approach, which instead of motivating turn into DE-motivation. To ace, your Leadership style, one of the best strategy is to take some time to analyze how you are perceived by your team and are you as approachable as you think you are?

Moreover, the best Leadership Style for motivating your team is to assess your team member’s individual career drivers, or “wants & aspirations.” E.g., someone is motivated by the status or recognition, then offer a new job title or promotion if they upscale themselves and show performance improvement. By doing this, you actually change their thought processes. Now they are not working on what their Boss told them, but working for their own progression. This little change in their thought process will make them perform beyond yours or company’s expectations.

  • Become An Accountability Holder

Accountability means explaining what you did or your actions. So, when you hold your team member accountable for something (in a polite manner), and they will have to explain themselves, that creates an image of you as Leader in your team’s mind whom he/she has to explain, and gives them a little bit of shame or guilt in advance that motivates them to perform their task very well with full energy. It’s called a “Positive Stress.”

  • Become A Passionate Coach

Although strong Business Experience is quite essential to a coaching role, an experienced Business Owner do not necessarily develop into a good Coach. Say, e.g., your favorite school teachers weren’t your favorite based on their academic excellence, but how they inspire others through examples and storytelling.

If you as a Leader are unhappy or demotivated then expecting others to be passionate about your team’s success will be doomed to failure. As a Leader ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are you passionate about at work?

  2. What do you do when you lose track of time?

If you are not happy with your current job, then you should look for another adventure that actually gives you joy.

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FREE E-book Titled:

“Productive Is The Real Attractive”

  • Build Learning Cycles

A great Leader knows that learning is a never ending process. Even if you are an experienced Leader, learning new techniques and getting different perspectives will only add to not only your Leaderships skills, but other skills as well. The biggest evidence of this is when the demographics in the workplace changes or evolves. It also enables new techniques to be developed for effective working.

"Remember, staying up to date with new techniques and skills is the best practice a Great Leader or a coach can adapt."

As TAK Training, we offer Coaching for Leaders, CXOs and Senior Managers. We also coach concerning growing yourself on the Professional scale, and developing your team and help you Coaching & Leading them for the company’s & your Success.

So we have also created a FREE E-Book that contains a highly effective tool you definitely require as a Leader to help you move from “Vague” to “Clear” Zone and remove the clutters from your mind to increase “Efficiency & Productivity,” that allows you to spend more time with your Family and other Rejuvenating Activities.

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FREE E-book Titled:

“Productive Is The Real Attractive”