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Why "Busy-Ness" Shouldn’t Be Your Business?

When it comes to being “Productive,” people take pride on being able to do many things at once and get a tag of being “Busy” by their colleagues.

But is it really making your “Productive”?

Are you using or losing your true Potential (potential that probably you are not aware of)?

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The Unrealized Price You Pay For being “busy” or “Multitasking” in terms of your “Efficiency” & “Productivity.”

You know, the highly “Inefficient” task you do is “Switching Tasks.” It costs us a lot in terms Energy & Productivity. Moreover, switching tasks and multitasking feels productive, because you are busy, and it’s very deceptive in that way.

The biggest challenge in doing a lot of things and being “Overwhelmed” is much more than just a loss of Productivity, it is also a loss of ability to focus itself.

Moreover, if you practice switching tasks mentally, you actually train yourself to do it “Habitually,” then it turns into a “Mental Habit” to switch tasks which again creates a Perpetual Vague Zone where you are “Overwhelmed,” and full of “Anxiety.”

Fact: like checking messages during the day and kind of switching back and forth between checking messages and working, it lowers IQ more than smoking Marijuana. Yes! That’s correct.

Why Should You Resolve This In Order To Reach Your Goal Of The “Ultimate Leadership?”

The fact that it costs a lot of Energy, Attention, and Intelligence to do a lot of multitasking.

Multitasking isn’t itself a problem, the biggest problem is the “Addiction To Multitasking.” It is when you can’t control it, and then you interrupt yourself.

It is the fact that most of the distractions are “Self-Generated,” you generate them internally and then derail yourself. You do not come back and start the task that you were doing when you were distracted the first time.

If you get interrupted while doing a task, it takes something like more than 20 minutes from when you start doing the task again, to get back to the point where you left before you were interrupted. The practice wastes so much time that by the end of the day you realize you couldn’t achieve what you planned or could have achieved much more than you actually thought.

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“Productive Is The Real Attractive”

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