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Senior Executives Across The Globe Are Leveraging This “Productivity Tool” To Become 10X More Powerf

This powerful “Productivity Tool” is helping Senior Executives & CXOs across the world to expand their Scope, become more Flexible, & 10X more Powerful as a Leader.

This tool is a Mental Exercise which helps ambitious Professionals to come out of the “Busyness” Zone to a highly “Productive Mode.” Many Senior Executives like you are seen or perceived by your subordinates or team members as the ones who are extremely busy.

Then let me break this to you that…….

Being busy does not necessarily means that you are highly productive. Being highly Productive means producing high-value or high-impact results from the tasks you are performing. But to be highly productive as a Leader, you need to separate out your daily activities or tasks into high & low-value tasks.

The biggest challenge in doing the above-mentioned is “Switching-Tasks.” When you rapidly switch from one task to another, you allow or create interruption or friction within yourself, which is called Multitasking. In this state you are typically operating “very inefficiently.”

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“Productive Is The real Attractive”

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You know that you pay an “Unrealized Mental Price” for “Multitasking.”

You may pride yourself on being able to do many things or tasks at once or call yourself “Multitasker.” But switching tasks in most cases is very “Inefficient,” as it cost you a lot of Energy & Productivity, which creates “Overwhelm” & “Anxiety.” Moreover, switching tasks and multitasking “feels productive,” because you are busy, and it’s very deceptive in that way.

Moreover, if you practice switching tasks mentally, you actually train yourself to do it “Habitually,” you make it a “Mental Habit” to switch tasks which creates a Perpetual Vague Zone.

Example: Checking messages during the day and kind of switching back and forth between checking messages and working, it lowers IQ more than smoking Marijuana. Yes! That’s correct.

So you should get rid of this “Being Busy” zone and move to a highly “Productive” zone which even makes you Attractive, Charismatic, & highly Influential as a Leader.

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“Productive Is The real Attractive”

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