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Self-Help Guide To Personal Transformation In The Key Areas Of Your Life

There are 7 steps of the “Transformation Journey” that every individual has to take to transform themselves to the “Next Level” in all the areas of your life.

“Change” accelerating in all the areas of human life. Moreover, it is getting to the point where you can see it happening almost in real-time. The rate of change is increasing so fast that earlier Dollar Billionaires used to reach their Billions around the age of 50 years, which decreased as Bill Gates made his Billions around the age if early 30s and then Mark Zuckerberg became a Dollar Billionaire in his late 20s.

So with the increasing speed of “Change,” to become successful, and create “Legacy” you have to transform yourself to the next level as quickly as possible that requires the following:

  • Complete Understanding Of The “Transformational Journey”

  • Developmental Mindsets

  • Transformation Model/Map

Now I urge you to read about the 7 steps of the Transformers Journey you have to go through to transform yourself to the Next Level in any vital areas of your life, be it physical life, emotions, relationships or Professional Life. So the steps are:

  1. First Impression- when you start taking actions for transitions, you get an “Impression” of the way things could be, and you realize that the actions you are going to take would very much make things different from what they are at present.

  2. Insight- You see a pattern or a Model that you haven’t seen before, which you keep checking if it’s real. Insight is important because it gives you confidence that you could do it and it will work.

  3. Interest- When you start taking necessary actions, then you develop interest in that particular area, like actions for improving your Health, Wealth, & Relationships. Moreover, once you start developing interest, then you actually start realising that it is for you.

  4. Commitment- Once you realise that you could do this, then you make a commitment for it. This is where you start having a vision, make a commitment, and you start becoming more decisive.

  5. Familiarity- This is when start to acclimate new experience. This step is where your body, mind, and emotions get used to it. You still go through the discomfort but you feel or believe that you can do it.

  6. Transition- This is where you really imbibe the complete process. Now you start developing “Competence” which is called the domain of “experiential learning.” The idea here is to set up the right conditions and build proper rituals in life so that you are effectively practicing and having experiential learning in different kind of areas of your life.

  7. Transformation/Transformational Dilemma- This is the “Crucible.” Now you get to the stage of conception and start to put all the things together. The process of Transformation creates “anxiety.” This stage is where you do want to transform to the next level but also comfortable in the present stage you are at.

So this is the Transformer’s Journey that you could go through. The fascinating thing about transformation is that it is an “Exponential Factor” which is made up of many actions and transitions which are just part of the next level.

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