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LEARN 5 Key Personality Traits To Build An Attractive Personality

Office Event

Date and Time: 25th Feb, 2018   

14:00-17:00 pm

Venue: 549, Sector

56, Gurgaon- 122011

THIS EVENT WILL REVEAL: 5 Key Personality Traits to Build an Attractive Personality through which you will be able to overcome challenges in your Personal Life, Relationship and Career (Business or Profession). 


"Attractive Personality" is the one that creates your own Charm or Aura which is HIGHLY APPEALING to your Friends, Partners or any Business or Professional Colleagues, and also for Ivy-League MBA Admit. About a few years ago we were struggling with the same issues you face with Personal Life, Relationship or Career wise. After years of Research, Learning, and Practicing we developed these Personality Traits to help you build an Attractive & Appealing Personality.


E-Growth Key Note

External Event

Date and Time: 21st Feb, 2018   

9:30-10:00 am

Venue: Indian Research Academy
Awadh Bhawan, FC-31, Sheikh Sarai - II Institutional Area, Press Enclave, Marg, Phase II, Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

Compelling Conversations: Presentations that Pay

Men in a Meeting

Tips For Taking Your Business To New Level

Office Event

Date and Time: 8th Feb, 2018   

16:00-17:30 pm

Venue: 549, Sector

56, Gurgaon- 122011

Seminar for learning and developing the Key attributes for growing your Business and taking it to the new level by unleashing the full potential and creating measurable strategies for sales and marketing

Students Typing at Their Computers

Simple TAK Tricks To Success

Office Event

Date and Time: 14th Feb, 2018   16:00-17:30 pm

Venue: 549, Sector

56, Gurgaon- 122011

The event will talk about the TAK Psychology in order to achieve success in your Business, Profession or Personal Life.

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Formulas For Excellent Content Creation

Office Event

Date and Time: Feb, 19, 2018   

11am-12:30 pm

Venue: 549, Sector

56, Gurgaon- 122011

The Seminar aims at successful formulas for creating a world class Content to boost traffic on Business's website and eventually helping our clients convert prospects into their loyal customer

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